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Shine On Drop Earrings

These elegant crystal chandelier earrings are best for parties or easily paired with formal wea…

Crystal Katherin Earrings

Versatile and timeless as ever • Miglio burnished silver• 14 x10mm teardrop Swarovski® crystal• sec…

Bijou Drop Earrings

Dress up,dress down. Miglio burnished silver 12mm cushion-cut Swarovski® crystal  secure c…

Mode Stud Earrings

This sporty pair is the ultimate in casual chic Miglio burnished silver 6mm Swarovski® crystal …

Icon Stud Earrings

More than just an earring. A perfect little gem. Miglio burnished silver 8mm Swarovski® cry…

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Flowers bloom everywhere as the sun kisses the earth and playful charms and sparkling crystals in gl

22nd Jun 2020